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Endoscopy Specialist

Jeffrey H. Sherman, MD -  - Gastroenterologist

Jeffrey H. Sherman, MD

Gastroenterologist located in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Sherman is a top gastroenterologist in the Greater Los Angeles, CA, area, committed to providing his patients with the safest diagnosis techniques available, including endoscopy for evaluation of the upper digestive tract and treatment of minor medical issues.

Endoscopy Q & A

What is an endoscopy?

An endoscopy is a procedure that uses a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope to see inside your digestive tract to diagnose medical conditions, take tissue samples (biopsies) for evaluation and perform certain types of medical treatments. The endoscope uses a tiny camera mounted at one end to take pictures that are transmitted to a computer monitor for easy viewing. An upper endoscopy is used to evaluate the esophagus, stomach and duodenum (first portion of the small intestine), while sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy are used to evaluate the large intestine.

How is endoscopy used?

Endoscopy is used to look for growths, ulcers and infections, to evaluate swallowing difficulties, to assess symptoms like stomach pain and to look for other signs of digestive tract disorders. It can also be used to take tissue samples for further evaluation and to perform minor procedures without the need for major surgery.

What is involved in the endoscopy procedure?

Prior to your endoscopy, you'll need to fast for several hours to make sure there is no food in the upper digestive tract so it can be easily visualized. You'll be sedated during the procedure, which is performed on an outpatient basis. Once you're sedated, the endoscope will be passed through your mouth and advanced slowly through your digestive tract to allow the camera to take detailed videos. Most endoscopies take about a half hour to 45 minutes to complete.

How will I feel afterward?

Once the procedure is completed, you'll go to a recovery area to relax and be observed. After a short time, you'll be allowed to go home. You'll still be a little sleepy, so you'll need someone to drive you. You may also feel slightly nauseated for a little while afterward, but you'll be able to return to work the next day.  

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept most major insurance plans, however, at this time, we are not providers for any HMO plans. We will gladly bill your insurance plans for you, however, you will be responsible for any co-pays and/or deductibles.

Please familiarize yourself with your plans policies for GI care. Pre-certification may be required prior to treatment or testing. All billing inquiries should be directed to our office during normal business hours.

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